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Email Sorting Solutions is an outsource strategic partner to the ISP, MSP, and Network Integrator industries. We back all our solutions with guaranteed uptime and cancellation clauses for non performance. Our mission is to "make our great technology partners even better". ESS uses only world class data centers and equipment, top rated and industry preferred software, and our solutions are private labeled and can be re-sold and re-branded many time down line, bearing retail market pricing limits.

Our cluster of servers are directly connected to the internet via Gigabit Fiber and OC-12 internet feeds from two distinct tier-1 service providers. With our battery/generator backup, redundant internet, server and network equipment, we currently have an availability rate of over 99.999%. This high availability is clearly due to our location in a secure world class datacenter, and the commitment of our talented network and server support staff that is monitoring our system 24 hours a day.

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