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What Are Phishing Scams and How Can I Get Anti-Phishing Protection?

Phishing scams and anti-phishing protection is an important topic YOU NEED TO LEARN ABOUT!

But in order to continue reading this article about anti-phishing scams, you must input your personal information below. Weíll need your Social Security number, home address and telephone number, credit card number, bank account number, date of birth, estimated yearly income, motherís maiden name, and any passwords, IDs and PINs you use regularly.

Not buying it? Sound absurd?

IT IS! Such requests are phishing scams and they should be avoided!

Avoid these phishing scams when you get them via e-mail. Fraudulent criminals send these scams to get your personal information. The phishing scam will often appear to be from an organization you deal with regularly, such as a bank with a similar name as yours, an online payment company or a government agency. Some will even use the official names of these organizations. They may even direct you to a Web site that looks exactly like the actual organizationís Web site. But donít be fooled.

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