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Basic Email Funneling

MX Verify and Redundancy

ODDS Basic Email Filtering service is a "first pass" email filtering strategy for businesses managing their own email servers and utilizing incumbent internal software for Spam and virus solutions.  

We fully understand managing Spam is a full time process, let ODDS help your IT department focus on the verified email that gets through as Spam, we'll focus on perimeter protections, email attacks, and back up to your email systems with spooling.

IT departments can take advantage of ODDS Premium Email Filtering service, in parts, by using our data centers to reduce your email handling volumes, fully back up your local email system, without the spam or engine scanning expenses.

Basic Email Filtering offers companies multiple methods of user authentication to verify that only legitimate mail is passed from our world class email data center to your email servers.  DNS attacks, directory harvesting, and email bombs are defended at our data centers forwarding only user verified email, which can reduce your own email processing loads from 50% up to 90%.

As an option; where legitimate verified email passing through the ODDS data center contains viruses, the virus infected email can be quarantined, and then forwarded to a secure email account for rescanning, or for admin lookup requests.

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The most important aspect of any computing environment is back up & redundancy.  Basic Email Filtering creates separate geographical email processing centers, with 24/7/365 service and support.  If for any reason... power outage, natural disaster, mechanical failures, etc...  email cannot be delivered from our ODDS email data centers to our clients' email servers, ODDS will spool and carry email messages until your receiving email server is back up and running, up to 3 full days at no charge.

For pennies per email account per month, ODDS Basic Email Filtering can add carrier grade value with enterprise level uptime, while reducing the infrastructure required to manage the ever increasing problem of Spam.  

What's even easier, with the flip of a web switch...ODDS "on demand" Premium Spam and virus solution is always at your fingertips.  If any of your clients require a 99% spam capture rate, superior email filtering service... capable of black list, white list, content filtering, is web administered, with interactive email quarantine reports sent daily, just turn it on for an entire domain or one individual user. 

To contact us and set up a Free 30 Day Trial please call us at 866-660-422 or you can email us odds@emailsorting.com

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