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E-Mail Sorting Solutions is a full service anti-spam filter and anti-virus e-mail solution.
Put an End to viruses now and stop spam!

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Email Virus Scanning:

With the number of E-Mail based virus being spread around the internet increasing, and the cost and time associated with cleaning a virus outbreak in your company, it is a must for every business to scan their employees E-Mail for virus's. Do not depend on your employees knowledge of the latest internet threats to make the proper choices regarding E-Mail virus threats.

Email Virus Scanning that Gives You Peace of Mind.

By tapping in to the technology of Tier one anti virus companies, we are able to deliver virus scanning at the pace of the rest of the industry. Our online virus scanning software system also includes technology that allows they system to "test" potential attachments, in a virtual environment, to see if the message contains code that has system damaging properties. This gives our email virus scanning system the ability to proactively watch for new virus threats.

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